BHJET was the first company in aircraft sharing service for corporate customers and private owners in the State Of Minas Gerais. Acting as management company on flight demands intermediation between different operators, we share more than 300 thousand km in about five years, without compromising the needs of the owner’s’ flights, taking advantage of the free time of each aircraft.

BHJET were responsible for the importation of several aircrafts, the amount of which exceeds 15 million dollars traded in recent years. More than 20 years of experience in the aviation market enables us to identify the aircraft which best meets the client’s demands, encompassing at least 90% of the proposed operating profile, in order to minimize the risk of acquisition. The following questions are easily answered by BHJET in order to turn the acquisition of aircraft in an asset that adds great value, become the solution as a means of fast, safe and reliable transport:
. What is the model of aircraft that best fits my needs?
. How to make the acquisition?
. What should I expect from an executive aircraft?
. Where to buy it?
. How to finance it?
. Which the maintenance costs involved in the operation?
. How to hire and train the crew?
. What are the taxes and procedures to import?

The following include some a basic procedure for a acquisition:

Own and operate an aircraft is a complex process. BHJET offers a portfolio of management services, which include the crew’s labor, fuel purchase, maintenance, handlings, purchases and payments and also the financial control. The goal is to relieve the operator and crew of the annoyances of everyday life, provide opportunities to reduce the cost of ownership and improve dispatchability. Executive aircraft requires permanent attention of the agents, in such a way that the costs often exceed the budgeted values by lack of planning or knowledge of peculiarities. The values of the discounts obtained by BHJET with suppliers and service providers is often reduced by up to 20% of the amounts initially budgeted, provided by a qualified negotiation for BHJET team. For example, exclusive discounts negotiated in advance with fuel suppliers allows savings of up to 30% of the current values in the main airports. The following are some questions that are easily answered by our staff:

. How to keep a crew trained, qualified and available “full time”?
. How to negotiate with suppliers?
. What is the total cost of operation?
. Should I hire a paid maintenance plan per hour/flight?
. Should yield to aircraft to third-party Charter and subsidize the cost?
. How to deal with bureaucracy imposed by the authorities?

. Fuel discount rates.
. Insurance negotiation.
. Flight Simulators training.
. Management Reports with detailed analysis, showing all the expenditure, revenue, fuel, maintenance, crew wages, insurance and other costs.
. Negotiation and monitoring of maintenance along the accredited repair shops.
. Technical and maintenance control.
. Documentation analysis

Understanding the operation of executive aircraft involves a series of situations in which failures and delays are not tolerated, BHJET is structured to meet the needs of each flight. Having a long experience and relationship with all airport operators and agents both in Brazil and abroad, such experience has enabled to offer a range of facilities and services for the operator and crew, such as handling, transfer, slots, flight plans and hotels’s booking. We work to minimize or even eliminate all setbacks with adoption of contingency plans and predictivity, making the flight very comfortable.

BHJET is able to operates, based on RBAC 153 (ANAC), on airport management for private aerodromes. We are able to conduct a complete airport administration, comprising:
. Labor;
. Ground support equipment

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